Quilt Preparation

Quilt Preparation Recommendations


  • Please press (iron) your quilt top, with all seams pressed open
  • Cut / Trim all loose threads from the quilt top to prevent these threads from showing through the top after quilting and to prevent fowling the machine
  • The squarer your quilt is, the better the end result will be, we do our best to adjust and minimise the effects that out of square pieces can create.
  • The top and bottom edges of your top need to be cut straight and preferable square to the sides 


  • Please ensure that you backing is 4" (10cm) larger than you quilt "top" on all four sides, this allows for correct positioning of you top and protects our machine during the quilting process. If you pre wash your backing make sure you have allowed extra material to allow for shrinkage.
  • That your backing is squared up with top and bottom edges cut straight
  • Remove any selvedges from you backing
  • If you have to join your backing please join pieces with an 1/2" seam and press seam open
  • Please press (iron) your backing
  • Please use a quality backing, materials such as sheeting are not recommended as problems with thread pull through and gapping / stretching will spoil the look of your finished quilt.


  • Please ensure that your wadding is 4" (10cm) lager than your quilt "top" on all four sides

Additional Information

There a few things that you can do yourself before you send your quilt top and backing to us that will both save you money and help to ensure that we achieve the best possible result from our Longarm Quilting Machine.

By following these simple suggestions that are listed to the right, you will avoid us having to charge you additional fees to provide these services. A schedule of these fees are listed on our pricing page.

We are happy to provide these services for you, if you are unable to, or do not have enough time but these few simple measures can save you what might run into quite a few dollars.